• We love reflectivity. Truly. We love it on our helmets (it's in the woven helmet straps, it's on the 'Nutcase' front helmet badge, and on the side and back logos), and we love it in our clothing. Yet in reflecting on reflectivity, we at Nutcase we don't believe it's a good idea to mandate its use. View Post
  • Our Metroride sporty commuter helmet was released last month at a great rollicking party at Portland’s Gladys Bikes. We’ve gotten some good press – people are finding that the Metroride gives you the best of two worlds: the increased ventilation and minimalist profile of sportier helmets combined with a solid sense of retro style. And of… View Post
  • Congratulations Pedego Rhode Island in the town of Bristol…you are Nutcase Helmets’ April Dealer of the Month! Pedego Rhode Island has only been open less than three years but in that time, has seen their business grow so much that they’ve had to move to a larger shop to accommodate their growth. They are the… View Post
  • Arriving By Bike In Winter

    Sometimes, just talking about the joys of biking in winter weather is really not enough. Detailed instructions on the best gear, the best tips on arriving by bike in winter, and links to actual products are not helpful for all of us, but for some of us they are invaluable. Especially when you are pressed… View Post
  • There’s an inevitable slowdown in riding and bike commuting when Winter’s temperature dips combine with precipitation to make for miserable conditions. Sleet, snow, fog, wind, light slanty rain, heavy downpours – they can all make biking feel like not as much fun. It doesn’t have to be like that. We can all #keepriding if we want to,… View Post
  • Relax And Enjoy Your Ride

    There are certain things we as human beings want to happen really fast: roller coaster rides, dentists’ visits, and the pain of childbirth, to name just a few. We’re currently a culture that seems to value speed highly. That tends to extend to the morning commute, too. Collectively we’d rather sleep later and arrive faster… View Post
  • Bike Locks You Can Love

    September 10, 2014 I enjoy everything about bicycle commuting – except the need to carry a clunky bike lock. Standard U-bar models weigh about five pounds and hog up room in your backpack, or rattle annoyingly on your bike rack. Fortunately, clever designers are coming to the rescue with some entirely new concepts: The Yerka… View Post
  • September 4, 2014 We just love two-wheeled vehicles. If they are human-powered, so much the better, but if they aren’t, the move toward powering them electrically is very, very welcome. And growing – Navigant Research says the markets for both e-motorcycles and e-scooters are set to surge soon as component prices drop and gas prices… View Post