Fits your head.
Suits your soul.

A helmet that, finally, you want to wear and share with the world.
With show-stopping graphics, thoughtful features, and our
signature magnetic buckle, our bike helmets
are ready for your next adventure.

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    Most other municipal flags are bland or forgettable affairs, flown only over state buildings. Citizens rarely know their local flag, likely because so few of them inspire a second look.

    But Portland — Portland has a beautiful flag.

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    What did you get into over the holiday weekend? We Nutcases were an active bunch, out backpacking and bike camping and century-riding, brunching and traveling, near and far

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    Blue Heron Bicycles

    Blue Heron Bikes, in Berkeley California opened it’s doors in June, 2012 by Rob Allen, with the help of Jeremy Till. Rob was born and raised in Berkeley and started his bike career in 1972. Today Blue Heron has 4 employees, Chris, Tobe, Sonja and Nadia. Located on the Ohlone Greenway, East Bay’s North-South Class…