Fits your head.
Suits your soul.

Nutcase helps people who love to bike, skate, motorcycle, snowboard, ski, windsurf…any person who likes to be active and wants to show off their personality with their vibrant and lively helmet. We believe fun, beautiful and stylish helmets can deliver high performance while adhering to appropriate safety standards. And they do. With Nutcase.

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    Miss'iles One

    Cecile Klaus couldn’t find many women getting into the racing side of roller skating, so she created her own team, the Miss’iles. Women from all different skating style groups (free skate, hockey, street skating, skate dancing) joined. Cecile said by picking their own designs the Miss’iles find a helmet that will inspire them in challenging moments.

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    Come Visit Nutcase Helmets
    at Eurobike 2015

    Aug 26–29, 2015 Friedrichshafen, 
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    Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 9.02.58 AM

    In his way, Michael makes helmets like the Island Sunset to challenge people. To choose colors so gorgeous and rich that they pop, and also to find a way to add graphic elements that look great and harken to some themes we all relate to. Why wear a wild helmet design? Because if it speaks to you, you’ll love it every day you wear it.

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    Nutcase Fit

    We’re striving to make helmets that are as safe, comfortable, and cool (in the many senses of that word) as is humanely possible. With this generation of our Street and Metroride helmets,  ‘A Perfect Fit’ is not hard to get. But because human noggins come is all shapes and sizes, it’s not a foregone conclusion either.