• Into the Island Sunset

    Finding a shade of purple that is not too reddish, not too mauve, not too dark, and not overly fussy – was key for the new 2015 Island Sunset Street helmet. View Post
  • Starting at 11am tomorrow, April 23, Philadelphians can request our brand new Metroride ‘The Original‘ helmet in exchange for a $10 donation to the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. View Post
  • As a young and scrappy, by-the-bootstraps helmet company, we’ve looked on to larger companies’ ability to sponsor world-class athletes and teams with a little bit of heartfelt envy. And we’ve been looking forward to the day when we could take on such partnerships ourselves. This year, we’re finally feeling ready for this next great step.… View Post
  • As many Nutcases might know, the Artists’ Series of helmets that we implemented for the first time  (and which will debut for sale around March 2015) is one highlight in a year packed with new products and innovation. Learning how to put complex helmet art onto spherical shapes has inspired us. As we described in… View Post
  • August 6, 2014 joe commuter Bringing you tips on bike commuting from one dedicated rider in Portland. photo credit: Beverley Goodwin on Flickr Bike books for beginning commuters If you’re just getting into cycling, or haven’t been on a bike since you were a kid, here’s a list of essential reading, including some books entertaining enough… View Post