A comfortable cyclist is a happy cyclist, and the difference that fleece-lined ear pads can make to a winter riding experience is truly amazing.

Our Nutcase Helmet ear pads are lined with super soft brushed fleece, and are easy to put in or take out of a helmet — the top tabs fit snugly in between the helmet shell and the inner EPS lining, and the small elastic band at the bottom of the pads is made for a user to slip helmet straps through, ensuring snug fit.

The difference Nutcase helmet ear pads make in keeping a cyclist warm is pretty huge. Daily cyclists may find they won’t need a bulky knitted hat except on the coldest days.

Combined with a well-fitting helmet and a visor, winter riding can be pleasant instead of potentially misery making.

And now our Gen2 ear pads are on sale! These ear pads were originally designed for our Gen2 L-XL helmets, but we’ll let you in on a little secret — while they might be a little bulky in another helmet, these ear pads will fit just fine in any Gen2 or Gen3 helmet you try ’em in.

Gen2 pads fix L-XL helmets.

Gen2 pads fix L-XL helmets.

Gen3, our latest line of helmets, have their own helmet pads, available here. Gen3 helmet ear pads have been slightly updated to be even softer, and now include a little recessed area that cups the ear better than our Gen2 pads ever could. The newer pads are one-size-fits-all.

Gen3 Nutcase helmet pads.

Gen3 Nutcase helmet pads.


Ears are one of the first parts of the body to suffer from cold because of the thinness of their cartilage, and often we don’t realize the cold until stinging sensitivity has already set in.

And amazingly, ear infections are more common to cold ears, as there is less blood circulated to the area, so it pays in more ways than one to keep the ears toasty warm.

Try a set of Nutcase helmet ear pads and suffer chilly ears no longer.


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