Nutcase’s New Ad Campaign

When you crack open issue #45 of Bicycle Times, the very first thing you’ll see is a dapper lion trying with all of his might to mow down on a gladiator as he pedals to safety.

This whimsical ad is part of a new campaign designed by the fine folk at The Community,  a global creative agency that believes in the power of collaboration and culturally-driven ideas.

The Community contacted Nutcase last year when their designers decided they wanted to create an ad campaign that spoke to a cause they believe in.  One of their team members, having crashed his motorcycle while wearing a Nutcase Moto helmet, lobbied his team to dream up a campaign that might help contextualize helmet usage.  They agreed to work with Nutcase when they fell in love with our social media presence and our motto of “The Most Fun a Helmet Ever Had.”

The Brazilian creative team.

The result of their creativity is a campaign showing four playful cartoons demonstrating how helmets have been used throughout ages to protect us against a variety of elements.


The playful tagline in the ads “Helmets.  Protecting us since ever” caught the attention of AdWeek, the leading source of news for marketing, media, and advertising professionals.

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