Located in the quaint Jersey shore town of Fair Haven for 15 years, Bike Haven continues to be a favorite spot for Monmouth County cycling enthusiasts.  We love bikes, cycling and our customers, first timers to experienced riders.

Bike Haven's staff at the ready

Bike Haven’s staff at the ready

Bike Haven’s friendly, knowledgeable staff will work with you to find the perfect bike, accessories and helmet for safety.  Our young customers getting their first bike, we don’t usually hear, “I don’t wanna wear a helmet”.  Once they see all the colors and fun designs Nutcase offers, it makes it easy to get them accustomed to wearing a helmet and learn about safety.

Emily is ready to help you find your perfect helmet

Emily is ready to help you find your perfect helmet

In fact, sometimes it takes them longer to choose their favorite helmet then it did picking out a bike. Kids always want to look cool when riding their awesome new bikes!  Safety and cool, kids are happy and so are their parents, that’s a winning combo.  Nutcase helmets are not just for children, big people love them, too, from the casual rider to the serious cyclist.  Bike Haven carries a complete line of Nutcase helmets for every age. In fact they are so popular we have trouble keeping them on the shelves.

Bike Haven has a supreme selection of Nutcases

Bike Haven has a supreme selection of Nutcases

The Jersey shore and Nutcase helmets are the perfect fit. So many cyclists enjoying and expressing their own personalities with their helmets.  It just goes to prove helmets no longer need to be just black and white.  Bike Haven is thrilled to see the popularity of Nutcase helmets. We look forward to providing our customers with future new fun styles.  A big thank you to Nutcase for recognizing Bike Haven as dealer of the month!

Woof!  Woof!

Woof! Woof!


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