New at Nutcase for 2015:
The Metroride!

Metroride promo
New at Nutcase for 2015:
The Metroride!

August 8, 2014

New at Nutcase for 2015: The Metroride!

Summer may soon be winding down, but Nutcase is gearing up to introduce a slew of products in 2015, and the end-of-summer bike trade shows at Eurobike and Interbike give us a perfect opportunity for a first glance of what’s to come. Stay tuned – we’ll have more to preview on this blog over the next two weeks.

And first up is our new Nutcase Metroride helmet. Why the Metroride?

Well, many in the bike commuting world started to cycle to work after being road or dedicated recreational cyclists, and these bikers tend to want gear that is aerodynamic, lightweight, and highly functional.

At the same time the bike-for-transportation movement has brought forth a new type of commuter, too, that wants style-conscious gear that is less sports-oriented but maintains streamlined functionality.
Metroride 2The Nutcase Metroride is our conscious effort at offering the best lightweight, functional and stylish helmet for all daily commuters.

As founder Michael Morrow says of the Metroride:

“Back in 2006, bike lovers got behind our graphic designs and helped us grow a new lifestyle helmet category. Just as one graphic doesn’t fit every personality, however, one helmet design doesn’t meet every need. Customers asked for our designs in a wider variety of styles, and Metroride brings the Nutty style to the daily commute.”

Metroride 3

Nutcase worked with helmet designer John Larkin of the Machine Language studio in Moscow, Idaho, to specifically meet the needs of commuting cyclists. Thus the Metroride weighs just 310 grams, and has multiple cooling vents that keep the air flowing through the helmet, to give you and your brain a truly cool and comfortable daily ride.

The streamlined profile of the Metroride has a simultaneously retro and futuristic feel to it, and when combined with ten Nutcase graphic designs – American Dream, Black Jack, Browndana, Dutch Orange, Geared Up, Heart & Soul, Shark Skin, Spartan Blue, Technicolor and The Original – it’s a classic in the making.

Like all Nutcase helmets it features a no-pinch magnetic buckle, our adjustable Spin Dial to personalize the fit, and sweat-wicking foam pads in three thicknesses.

We will be giving the Metroride its first sneak peak at the Eurobike show in Fredrichshaven, Germany starting on August 26, and then again at Interbike in Las Vegas starting on September 10th, so stop by if you can and give this, the newest Nutcase, a trial spin.

10 Responses to “New at Nutcase for 2015:
The Metroride!”

  1. jason palmer says:

    When will the metroride be available for purchase?

  2. dave says:

    Hey Jason – Metroride will be ready for purchase around March 2015. Be sure to check with your local dealer, our Facebook page, or back here at our website at that time for the big announcement. Thanks for writing!

  3. Donald Haynes says:

    Looking for a Captain America Helmet , do you have anything like that

  4. dave says:

    We have an Air America Snow Helmet:

    Thanks for writing!

  5. Omar says:

    Is the release still gonna happen around March? I’m definitely looking for a sleeker bike helmet to use!

  6. dave says:

    Hi Omar – There was a longshoremen slowdown over the last several months, delaying all goods coming into west coast ports. Due to that, we’re hoping Metroride will be arriving in early April. But please check back during the latter part of March, as they may speed things up at the Port, now that an agreement has been reached. Thanks for writing!

  7. Omar says:

    Also a matte orange would be nice – it would match my bike nicely :-)

  8. dave says:

    We’ve got one coming!

  9. Kris says:

    Hi I’m new to the cycling world! I’m looking to get a helmet for myself & my 5 year old. I’ll be biking her to kindergarten every morning. What are the differences between the Gen3 and the new Metroride helmets (besides lightweight & streamlined?). Debating on purchasing soon or waiting for the new ones to come out! I’m also hoping the new American Dream design is similar to the current Americana or fly boy design! Thanks!

  10. dave says:

    Hi Kris – You’ve pretty much nailed the differences! Lighter weight and a little more streamlined. Also, the Metroride will be available in only one size to start with – 55cm to 59cm – whereas the Gen3 comes in 3 sizes – Small (52cm to 56cm), Medium (56cm to 60cm) and Large (60cm to 64cm). Here’s a link to our Metroride page where you can see American Dream and other styles that will be available SOON!

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